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Companies in the Energy, Process and Utilities Industries (EPU) industry are under intense pressure to keep up with the exponentially growing Energy demand worldwide. They must be in strict compliance with increasingly stringent health, safety and environmental regulations. New facilities must be brought online quickly and economically, as well as aging infrastructure must be upgraded and modernized with minimal service interruptions. All the while, companies with trillions of dollars of assets in the field need new solutions to keep a lid on staggering operations and maintenance costs.

Our solution experiences for the Energy, Process and Utilities industry are enabling some of the most successful companies worldwide to reap the benefits of a unified solution for integrating design, modeling, process simulation, visualization, virtual reality and capital project management. We provide a complete set of advanced capabilities that ensure compatibility between other applications and legacy systems, facilitating the exchange of data and leveraging the extensive expertise and best industry practices acquired through working with a wide range of companies in multiple industries.

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In the Power Industry, The FIRST step towards project success is Capital Project Management. From Planning to Completion, From Operation to Decommissioning.

In the power industry, project delays and health and safety issues in major projects can drive up costs.Companies can no longer afford NOT to validate their outage schedule in a virtual environment.Whether your work consists of planning; building infrastructure;Managing suppliers and resources; operations; maintenance or other,

We provide the mission-critical software applicationsthat enable you to manage your capital projects seamlessly, fromInitial design to handover to operations and maintenance.

In the Oil & Gas Industry:The First Step TowardsMitigating Maintenance Risks 4D Virtual Maintenance Planning. From Planning to Completion,From Refurbishing to Decommissioning.

In the Oil & Gas industry, project delays and health and safety incidents in capital projects can greatly impact the project risks and costs. With millions of dollars per day on the line, companies can no longer afford not use efficient tools to optimize their maintenance and refurbishment projects.Virtual Planning and Training solution addresses these challenges by providing a virtual 4D (3D + time) environment to validate the project schedule and optimize the critical and complex tasks in collaborative 4D simulation environment.

In the Wind Energy Industry:The First Step towards Total control in the Wind ENERGY Industry From Wind Turbine Design to Maintenance simulation, From Wind Farms implementation planning to grids dashboarding.

The diversification of energy sources has given rise to thousands of inland or offshore wind farm projects worldwide. If you are a wind turbine equipment supplier, a wind farm engineering developer, or a wind energy owner/operator, software solutions are for you: composite design, analysis and manufacturing, mechanical design, system engineering, grassroots program management, operation and dashboarding management, technical documentation, 4D maintenance simulation, and operator training via “serious games”.



Energy, Process & Utilities

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