PRO MECH Industries


The High-Tech Industry is at the heart of smart and green electronic product development.

High Tech Manufacturers are facing series of challenges such as managing fast evolving demands, mass volume production, and increasing product complexity. All the while, companies are also employing “Design, Manufacture and Service Anywhere” strategies, complying to environmental regulations, and operating in a global organization. Developing sustainable, innovative products with flexible business processes is key to remain competitive.

In 2012, reinventing how fast moving High-Tech companies innovate by focusing on the complete Social Industry Experience from “Consumer idea to after sales support” allowing High Tech manufacturers to “connect the dots” within and outside their Company.

Industry Solution Experience help innovative companies like 3M, AMD, SONY Corporation, Nikon, IBM Microelectronics, LG Electronics, Siemens ICM, Lenovo, NXP to improve collaboration among business network, increase operational flexibility and adaptability, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Head Office - Egypt
Nile Tower - Second floor office A1, Corniche El-Nile - Maadi -Cairo.
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