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German RepRap-X400 PRO 3D printer

Large volume 3D Printer – get your low-cost prototype done quickly.
X400 PRO V3 3D printer swiftly and cheaply turn your ideas into prototypes, concepts or demo models. Engineered and made in Germany, the X400 PRO V3 is designed for large format industrial 3D printing and never fails to impress all types of development teams with its high precision, speed and large printing volume.

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German RepRap-X1000 3D Printer

Think big! Industrial large format 3D Printer.
The new X1000 3D Printer is being developed for printing large size objects or multi-object prints in industrial quality. Print protoypes, small series, casting cores or architecture or design objects big, fast and precise.

• Large build envelope: 1000 x 800 x 600 mm / 39.4 x 32 x 23.6 in (W/D/H)
• High process reliability
• Important safety features for industrial use
• Integrated clean-up function for the extruder nozzle
• Special ventilation for high-quality prints
• Network compatible (Wifi, Ethernet)
• Draft-Mode

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German RepRap-X350pro 3D Printer

With the X350pro German RepRap remains to its pioneering roots in providing cutting-edge technology 3D printers, developed and designed to meet the needs of industrial users and demanding consumers. There is no 3D printer available with a more optimized print space compared to its size. The rectangular build platform allows better utilisation of the print area since most print models don’t have a square foot print. A highlight of this device is the integrated web interface that allows the operation via Wifi or LAN through a standard web browser.

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German RepRap-X150 3d printer

The X150 is a compact, second generation industrial 3D printer for high precision and high quality printing. Based on the NEO, which has been sold thousands of times, it comes with some further technological advances to meet the requirements of industrial users in terms of precision and reliability. With its 150 x 150 x 150 mm (5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 ins) build envelope it is suitable for professional users looking for a high quality entry level device for small objects. In a stable metal housing the printer features play-free drives and shafts, a distortion free and rigid build platform with excellent adhesion properties and an extruder technology, which in combination with a controllable object fan, ensures clean printing. The integrated lighting supports optional remote monitoring via a webcam.

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Solidscape develops and delivers 3D printing solutions for advanced manufacturing in a variety of industries. With Solidscape’s products, including 3D printers and materials, customers can create high-precision wax patterns to be cast in metal for 3D printing jewelry, used for mold making (RTV), or even pressed into ceramics.

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EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the field of additive manufacturing (AM). Founded in 1989, we are a pioneer and world leader in the field of Direct Metal Laser sintering (DMLS) and provider of highly productive Additive Manufacturing Systems for plastic materials.

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