CATIA Prismatic Machining Fundamentals (2.5-Axis)

PRO MECH Training
6 Days
7 HRS/Day
00 L.E.

Course Brief

Trainee will learn how to use various functionalities common across all the Machining workbenches in CATIA. Also the fundamentals of creating and simulating a Manufacturing Program. Also will learn to create 2.5 Axis Milling operations and use the functionalities for creating Prismatic Machining and Rework Areas.

Course Content

  • Explore the Machine Programming workbench and various Machining functionalities.
  • Define the Machining Infrastructure.
  • Create Tools and Tool Assemblies.
  • Define Prismatic Machining Operations.
  • Replay and simulate the tool path.
  • Simulate the machine in the Live Simulation Environment.
  • Generate Numerical Control (NC) Outpu
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