RodFORM Busbar bending machine


Bending to Your Needs

For fast set-up changes, the new-generation RodFORM bending machine features automatic change of four tools. This takes flat bar processing productivity to a whole new level. The tools add significantly more versatility in manufacturing of aluminum and copper bars.

The Axes are servo-operated and NC controlled for high operation speed, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirement. The RodFORM tooling system is unequalled in flexibility, adding to cost efficiency.

RodFORM features an easy-to-use touch screen operator interface and automatic bending angle adjustment based on machine vision.

Large tooling capacity, automatic tool change and low energy consumption sharpen the competitive edge needed in the LEAN busbar processing market.


RodFORM Busbar bending machine Gallery

RodFORM Busbar bending machine Image
RodFORM Busbar bending machine Image