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Modular by design, connected on the road

Global economic growth as well as rising business and industrial activity are driving higher demand for transportation and logistics services. Investments in road infrastructure, the need to transport more and more goods and people, expanding urbanization and the need for safe and efficient public transportation will fuel market growth of the commercial vehicle sector.

Automotive industry solution experience based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is dedicated to developing commercial vehicles tailored to customer requirements. It provides OEMs with full digital continuity from customer order to vehicle assembly and delivery. Through modularity, Truck & Bus Tailors supports a configure-to-order approach that enables OEMs to reuse a maximum number of standard components to build the product variants required by their customers.

Trucks and buses are tailored to specific customer requirements resulting in a wide range of configuration possibilities that the shop floor must produce. Plant workers require clear instructions on how to assemble parts so as to not waste time and risk losing a client’s business. Moreover, OEMs assign production to plants that are closest to the customer to shorten delivery times and to build vehicles that comply with local regulations. Ensuring the quality of the assembled product on a worldwide basis is a critical challenge.

Discover the values of Automotive and transportation:

• Full digital continuity from engineering to shop floor to sale

• Modular approach to vehicle configuration speeds delivery to market

• Lowers owners’ total cost of ownership

• Compliance with safety and environmental regulations

• Facilitates tailoring to local requirements

• Global assembly process & planning solutions enable ‘design anywhere, produce everywhere’ versatility

• Continuously improve product and process quality in a global manufacturing environment with increased visibility

• Reduces documentation costs thanks to the universal language of 3D

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