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Differentiate your value proposition while you optimize production efficiency and reduce materials costs

Keep pace with consumer trends while reducing materials costs and enhancing production efficiency

In a time of rapidly changing consumer trends, Packaging Suppliers face the challenges of efficiently developing fresh designs and managing production while clients are demanding longer lead times and retailers are reducing inventories. With sustainability on everyone's mind, just how do Packaging Suppliers deliver on this trend so that their clients win in the marketplace?

To meet these challenges and differentiate their value propositions in a market of 'perceived commodity', Packaging Suppliers must drive innovation based on consumer insights and make their entire operation more efficient. This means developing packaging that stands out at the 'first moment of truth' while minimizing manufacturing and raw materials costs. The way forward is to drive sustainability initiatives across packaging development and manufacturing to complement what clients are looking for.

• Reduce raw materials costs by up to 30% with alternative materials with lower environmental impact

• Manage more innovation projects to deliver differentiation to the market

• Accelerate innovation by up to 30-50%

• Virtually showcase how new packaging innovation will look in the context of retail stores

• Support lean and blue manufacturing initiatives

• React quickly to changes in consumer demand with flexible production scheduling capability to solve any 'planning puzzle'

• Cut design time by up to 50%

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