Bekamak Bandsaw is the leading provider of steel cutting solutions with an automatic Linear Way for cutting various materials. They specialize in providing high-speed cutting and long-lasting blades for the steel industry.​

Bekamak Bandsaw is the market leader in the steel industry, where cutting speed and blade life have become more and more important every day. Fully automatic Linear Way for cutting solid stocks, tubes, and profiles of steel, cast-iron light, and nonferrous material for cutting​

The fully automatic machine is optimized for carbide and bimetallic blades used in steel production. ​

CNC Smart cutting feature with ball screw spindle which is driven by servo motor, while the machine has zero cutting tolerances with servo feeding system​

The most efficient cutting by determining the optimal cutting parameters according to the type and size of the material in order to match the type of blade being used.​

These optimal cutting parameters reduce the tool costs and leave the best surface.​


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