Gen-5 laser cutting machine​

Exploring the Benefits of FIBERMAK Momentum Gen-5 for Industrial Use.

Learn about the features of FIBERMAK Momentum Gen-5, which can significantly simplify industrial processes.

The latest design offers a range of features that significantly simplify industrial processes. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it has also been engineered to be more efficient. With its compact and ergonomic design, one unique feature is its ease of installation. The door can be fully opened, providing operators with easy access to the cut sheet. A digital counter located stylishly in the corner of the machine displays the cutting program’s completion percentage. Additionally, the CNC panel’s height-adjustable arm offers ergonomic benefits for the operator.


Innovative Design. ​

• Capacity from 1 to 20 KW. ​

• Life cutting table dimension from 3000 to 18000 mm ​

• User friendly beckho CNC controller. ​

• Programmable by Integrated CNC controller.​


High precision and accuracy​

High cutting speed​

Wide range of materials​

Low operating cost​

Improved safety​

Compact and easy to use​


Engineering constructions​

High-Tech & Home Appliances ​

Transportation & Mobility​

Aerospace & Defense​

Office & Home Furniture​

Medical Equipment​

Industrial Equipment​


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