Handy SCAN Black| Elite​

The Handy Scan BLACK Elite is a handheld 3D scanner that offers fast, accurate, and consistent results for precise 3D measurements of physical objects, even on complicated surfaces and in challenging environments.

The Handy Scan BLACK Elite is the ultimate solution for obtaining precise 3D measurements of physical objects from anywhere. This patented handheld 3D scanner is fast, versatile, and user-friendly, providing highly accurate and consistent results, even in challenging environments and with complicated surfaces.


Accuracy of 0.025 mm​

ISO 17025​

Large scanning area​

Scan-to-mesh in seconds​

Worldwide support​

Patented technology​

High resolution


Take it to anywhere you need​

Quick setup​

Large scanning area of 11 laser ​

High measurement rate​

Light weight​

High accuracy on large measurements with volumetric accuracy optimization

Technical features

Accuracy 0.025 mm (0.0009 in) 0.012 mm (0.0005 in) with limited edition ​

Volumetric accuracy (based on part size) ​

0.020 mm + 0.040 mm/m (0.0008 in + 0.0005 in/ft) 0.012 mm + 0.020mm/m (0.0005 in + 0.0002 in/ft) with limited edition ​

Measurement resolution 0.025 mm (0.0009 in) ​

Measurement rate 1,300,000 measurements/s ​

Scanning area 310 x 350 mm (12.2 x 13.8 in) ​

Part size range (recommended) 0.05 – 4 m (0.15 – 13 ft) ​

Weight 0.94 kg (2.1 ib)


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