Hydraulic press brake​

Ermaksan is a global manufacturer of high-quality and efficient press brakes that provide customized solutions to customers, enhancing production flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness using advanced technologies.


Press brakes manufactured by Ermaksan’s expert engineers using advanced technologies have been contributing to high-quality and efficient production all over the world. While we offer customized solutions to our customers with digital conversion dynamics, we are making production more flexible and efficient and offering the most cost-optimized solutions.​


• Tonnage force: 35 to 3000 ton. ​

• Rigid body. ​

• Bending length: 1000mm to 14000mm. ​

• Standard 5 axis Y1, Y2, X, R, C. ​

• Option up to 8 axis back gauge. ​

• high accuracy Crowning system. ​

• Quick release promecam tool clamping system​

• Motorized Backgauge syste


High precision and accuracy​

Uniform bending​


High productivity​

Ease of use​



Environmentally friendly​


Engineering constructions​

High-Tech & Home Appliances ​

Transportation & Mobility​

Aerospace & Defense​

Office & Home Furniture​

Medical Equipment​

Industrial equipment​


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