Po Ly Gim CNC Multi Task​

Po Ly Gim’s CNC multi-task turning centers offer precision and versatility, suitable for a range of industries, including aerospace, watchmaking, and medical device manufacturing. These machines handle complex projects with ease and provide accuracy for intricate parts.

Po Ly Gim’s CNC multi-task turning centers can handle even the most complex projects with ease. Combining precision with versatility, these tools are perfect for a range of industries. Whether you’re an aerospace engineer crafting intricate parts, a watchmaker creating tiny masterpieces, or a medical device manufacturer requiring utmost accuracy, Po Ly Gim has a multi-task turning center that suits your needs.


It combines the CAM, multi-tool synchronous , multi-axis control turning, and CNC technology ​

Up to 4 tools can work simultaneously and dramatically shorten the processing time ​

The powerful compact body maximizes the finest quality and increases economic efficiency ​

3 Channel synchronous tool holder can set 3 pcs tools Part catcher for option sub-spindle ​

3 Channel synchronous tool holder can setting 6 pcs tools ​

Gang type tool disc configure 4 pcs front boring tool holder 4 pcs back boring tool holder ( if options sub-spindle have these accessories)

Technical features

Max. manufacturing dia Ø26mm
Spindle speed range 100-5,000 r.m.p.
Min. input unit 0.001mm
Coolant pump motor 1/2HP
Machine net weight (Without chip conveyor) 1220Kgs



Bone screws​

Dental screws​



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