Po Ly Gim Diamond 20CSB​

The Po Ly Gim Diamond 20CSB is a Swiss-type CNC lathe machine suitable for precise machining of small parts, with a compact size and advanced features making it ideal for various industries like medical, dental, watchmaking, and electronics.

The Po Ly Gim Diamond 20CSB is a Swiss-type CNC lathe machine designed for high-precision machining of small parts, typically under 20mm in diameter. It’s known for its compact size, versatility, and advanced features, making it ideal for various applications like medical, dental, watchmaking, and electronics industries.


Cross travel sub-spindle :​
Cross-travel sub-spindle design. The main and sub-spindles can work either one at a time or simultaneously for reduced machining duration. This design brings multi-function front and rear machining.​

Short remnant material :​
With the optional rough material bushing, the remnant material can be 50mm (depending on the part length).​

Raw material machining :​
0.1mm material tolerance can be achieved by using the Rough material bushing.​

Replaceable fixed / Driven toolholder set :​
The 4 pc back stationary / driven tool holder is replaced by the newly designed replaceable fixed tool holder or driven tool holder. This enables increased tooling flexibility.

Technical features

Max.Drilling Dia.(Main Spindle) Ø 10mm
O.D. Tooling Number 6
Spindle speed (Option built-in motor) 200~6,000rpm
Weight 2,200 kg



Bone screws​

Dental screws​



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