Soco SB 39 Auto​

The Soco SB 39 Auto is a high-volume automatic tube-bending machine that accurately bends metal tubes up to 38.1mm in diameter. It is ideal for furniture manufacturing, automotive parts production, and construction projects that require repeatable tasks.

The Soco SB 39 Auto is a fully automatic cold-form pressure tube bending machine designed for efficient and precise bending of metal tubes up to 38.1mm in diameter. It’s ideal for various applications where high production volumes and repeatability are crucial, like furniture manufacturing, automotive parts production, and construction projects.


● CNC bending machine with capacities from O.D.10mm ~ 90mm ​

● Fully Automatic and Cost Effective ​

● Equipped with 3 programmable axis – Feeding – Electric Servo – Rotation – Electric Servo – Bending – Hydraulic (NC) ​

● Standard with hydraulic pressure die assist ​

● Equipped with Wiper, Clamping and Pressure Die Seats ​

● Programmable early mandrel extraction system ​

● Touch screen system and mobile control ​

● Quick tool change system ​

● NC programmable hydraulic bending precision up to +/- 0.2° ​

● Automatic springback compensation ​

● Data input by XYZ or YBC coordinates ​

● Data storage and editing for multiple files ​

● Automatic mandrel lubricating system ( Optional )

Technical features

Mild steel capacity Ø 38.1mm x 2.0t
Max. bending angle 190°
Gross weight [Kg] 1800
Bending accuracy ±0.2°



Metal furniture​


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