Special Deep Drawing Presses ​

Deep Drawing Presses, also called Double Effect Presses, are widely used in different industries like automotive, white appliances, and natural gas. They apply pressure from the top and use cushion cylinders from the bottom.​

Deep Drawing Presses are the main machines used in fields like Automotive, White Appliances and Natural Gas. These type of presses are generally known as ‘Double Effect Presses because they apply the pressure from the up and work with the cushion cylinders from the down.​


• Table Size 1300*1600 mm. ​

• Pressing Force 300 – 4000 tons​


• Giving shape to sheet metal materials in various thickness and different characteristics (steel, stainless steel, alloy sheet etc.). ​

high pressure between a male and female mould​


Engineering constructions​

Aerospace & Defense​

Industrial equipment​

Energy & materials​

High-Tech & Home Appliances​


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