Spinner vertical machine center​

The Spinner U-630 is a powerful and versatile 5-axis precision machine that defies its compact size, making it suitable for ambitious creators and production workshops.

The Spinner U-630 rewrites the rules, unleashing 5-axis precision within a deceptively compact frame. This isn’t just a machine; it’s a versatile powerhouse for ambitious creators and production-hungry workshops.


Compact dimensions ​

High spindle speeds ​

Tool magazine with up to 122 tools Top of machine fully closed ​

Large panoramic windows and large access to the working area ​

Ergonomic operating panel adjustable in height and angle

Technical features

Table dimensions Ø 650 / 500 mm
Max. table load 500 kg
Spindle max. speed 12.000/15.000 rpm (SK40), 20.000 rpm (HSK63)
Number of tool stations 32 (optional 54 / 122)
Max. tool length 300 mm


Mold manufacturing​

Automotive parts ​

Spare parts​

Complex parts


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