Yida ML-600MY

The Yida ML-600MY is 4-axis beast blends classic & linear design for high-speed, ultra-precise turning & milling. Perfect for prototypes & molds, it tackles both mass production & small batches. Effortlessly execute complex operations in one setup thanks to the C-axis, saving time & boosting accuracy. A must-have for any modern manufacturer.

The Yida ML-600MY CNC lathe with a 4-axis is a top-of-the-line turning center, merging the classic slant bed design with the velocity and precision of linear ways. It’s the perfect fit for both high-production and low-volume prototype and mold work. With the C axis feature added to the ML-600MY, it can effortlessly execute intricate turning and milling operations in a single setup, saving time and enhancing precision. This makes the ML-600M a valuable addition to any manufacturing operation.


Top edge component​

Customizable power turret ​

Automatic Tailstock​

Large Spindle bore​

High Precision, High-Speed Ballscrews​

Robust structure




Spare parts​




Technical features

Swing over bed Ø600 mm
Distance between center STD: 999 (10"); OPT: 989 (12")mm
Max. machining dia. Ø340mm
Mx. machining length. STD: 780 (10"); OPT: 760 (12') mm
Slant angle of bed 30°
Spindle speeds OPT: 50≈3,000 (A2-8, 78mm, 10"); rpm
Spindle bore dia. STD: Ø86 (10"); OPT: Ø91 (10"), Ø105 (12")mm
Draw bar dia. STD: Ø75; OPT: Ø78 (10"), Ø91 (12")mm
Spindle speeds Live tool 50≈4,000rpm
Rapid traverse X: 30, Z: 30 M/min
Height 1,850mm
Floor space (W x D) 4,220 x 1,950mm
Gross weight (w/conveyor) 6,470kg
Positioning accuracy ±0.004mm
Repeatability accuracy ±0.003mm


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