OD 80mm Copper + Brass Tube Cutting (SA-77NC-NF)

The new SOCO Tube and Bar Cutting Line incorporate the newest technology with unparalleled functions. This revolutionary innovation brings you the unique loader ( MB6 ) – saving 70% labor and material changeover time (SOCO Global Patent). With a capacity of up to 80 mm in the solid bar and 80 mm in tube cutting, it is guaranteed to bring you continuous savings and production.

Brass Tube Cutting

Cooper Tube and Solid Bar Cutting

Fast Approach Speed

Low Speed during blade entry

High Speed after cutting through the tube’s wall

Lowest Speed at re-entry into tube’s lower wall

Global Patent - Bundle Loading Magazine ( MB6 ) Saving 70% Labor and Material Changeover Time

MB6 Bundle Loader – Saving 70% labor and material changeover time

Automatic Material Alignment :  Automatically align all material before loading onto the machine

Shortest Material Changeover Time: While one stock bar is cutting, the next one is aligned and follows immediately behind to shorten changeover time

Bundle capacity up to 3500 Kg ( MB6 )

SOCO Recommendation System for ideal settings based on material and cutting requirements

Intuitive and user-friendly interface with Touch Screen System

Ability to program 5 cutting lengths per bar