CastPro100 xP


Beautifully Accurate!The CastPro100 xP is a high-resolution 3D printer designed for work where precision and detail are essential. It’s a VAT photo-polymerization 3D printer based on DLP technology. Designed with all in-house capabilities, the CastPro100 xP provides quality printing using select materials and easy-to-use software.



Print Technology

DLP Technology

Max. Build Area (WxDxH)

2.52" x 1.57" x4.72" (64 x 40 x 120 mm)

Layer Resolution

25 / 50 / 100 microns

XY Positioning Precision

50 micron

Light Source

UV LED λ 405nm

Supported File Formats

 .stl / XYZ format(.3ws / .3wn)

Powered by DLP technology, you can always print with speed and accuracy. CastPro100 xP prints all the details of a layer at the same time, letting you print multiple objects with complex details efficiently.
Built to give users convenience, our printer allows for files transmission and printing via wireless connectivity, and provides an option to automatically create structural support, ensuring overhang is well supported during the build phases.
CastPro100 xP is compatible with a wide variety of resin materials-including acrylic, cast-able and biomedical. With these options, users can experiment, explore and produce the best output of their creations.

CastPro100 xP is dedicated dewaxing casting resin, the use of special formula modulation, when the heat is not easy to expand, in the casting process can be completely burned, perfect presentation design details,smooth surface allows you after the system effortlessly. India digital design and dewaxing casting process, omit the traditional manual process, especially for today’s customization needs of large jewelry, jewelry and jewelry accessories, and other areas of the mold casting applications.

CastPro100 xP Gallery

xyzprinting CastPro100 xP product front view
white Eiffel tower 3D printed with high details
CastPro100 xP 3D printed ring for casting and metal ring
yellow 3D printed ring for casting
dental 3D printed parts accurate models, crowns, dentures