Cutting Tool Expertise

External Grooving:

With and Without Coolant

Deep& shallow Grooving

Grooving depth up to 32 mm

Grooving Width from 0.25 mm to 12 mm

For All Materials

Face Grooving

Face Grooving Diameter from φ6 up to φ 250

Grooving depth up to 38 mm

Grooving Width from 0.5 mm to 8 mm

A powerful grooving lineup with integral-style, Switchblade-style, face grooving style, and Cut-Off Style tool holders for various grooving applications.

Internal Grooving

With Coolant& Without Coolant

Deep Grooving up to 20 mm

Shallow Grooving up to 6.5 mm

Cutt Off

Cut-Off Toolholders (Block-Blade-Insert)

Small Diameter Cut-Off up to φ45

General Cut-Off up to φ120

For All Materials 

Indexable End Mills

Diameter φ8 Up to φ80

Facing-Shouldering -Slotting-Pocketing

Ball Nose Indexable End Mill

Special Lengths

Multi-Stage End Mill

For all types of materials

Shell Mills

Diameter φ50 Up to φ160

Facing-Shouldering -Slotting-Pocketing

Slot Mill

Multi-Stage Face Mill

For all types of materials

Special Milling

Chamfering- T-Slotting-Grooving-BT50 Shell Mill

API Ring Groover


1- Create ring grooves per API Spec 6A for BX, R, and RX style grooves

2- Roughout and finish of inlay of API Ring Grooves

3- Replaceable cartridges allow a single cutter body to produce multiple size API grooves

4- Integral shank, multiple sizes, and styles available


External and Internal Holders

JCT (Coolant-Through Threading)


Type: Metric (M)-Unified (UN)-Parallel Pipe [G (PF)]-Whitworth (W)-Tapered Pipe [R (PT) (BSPT)]-American National Pipe (NPT)- 30° Trapezoidal (Tr).

Full profile and partial profile

Size: 06 / 08 / 11 / 16 / 22

For all types of materials

TF-Series Inserts

Long Tool Life

High Quality

High-quality cutting edge using

External Turning Holders

- Clamping:

Screw clamp - top clamp -Double clamp-lever Lock -Back clamp – Wedge clamp

- Shank:

12*12/ 16*16 / 20*20 / 25*25 / 32*25 / 32*32 / 40*40

- Special Internal Coolant System

Boring Bars

Diameter: From φ5 to φ63

Length: Up to 410 mm

Bar Material: (Steel-Carbide) With and without Internal coolant

Special Anti-Vibration Dampener System for long bars


Shape: S (90⁰) - C (80⁰) - D (55⁰) ­- V (35⁰) - T (60⁰) -W (80⁰) - R (Round) -: Special Shapes

Insert Material: Cermet – Carbide – Ceramic -DLC – CBN -PCD

Turning (external - boring)

For all kind of materials


M-Stainless steel

K-Cast Iron

N-Nonferrous Metals

H-Hardened Material

S-Heat Resistant Alloys


Diameter from φ8 mm to φ100 mm

Depth From 2D to 8D

With Internal Coolant

Inserts for all types of materials

DRV Magic Drill

DRA Magic Drill

DRZ Magic Drill

DRX Magic Drill

DRC Magic Drill

DRS Magic Drill (Mini Drills)