The Mobile smart factory is part of i4.0 approach that will offer ways that can successfully develop a production system to adjust to and learn from data in real time can make that goes with PROMECH Engineering Strategy towards i4.0 and direct application of the digital and Virtual twin .

the smart factory more responsive, proactive, and predictive, and enables the organization to avoid operational downtime and other productivity challenges.

We believe that Mobile Smart Factory will revolutionize the market for mobile 3D printing to provide flexible and reliable production capacities wherever needed

Mobile Smart Factory

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The Mobile Smart Factory is a modular container factory equipped with 3D printing devices. It covers the entire Additive Manufacturing process in a completely mobile system: Two individually equipped CSC-container allow the fast and cost-efficient production of metal and polymer parts – from pre-processing to 3D printing and post-processing. This ‘factory in a boxe’ thus allows flexible and reliable production capacities worldwide – even in remote locations
  • Fast and reliable part supply
  • Reduced logistics and storage cost
  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • Digitized and efficient production capacities

In Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, components are produced by applying material layer by layer. For the data preparation of the parts, a CAD software is needed. The components are printed using metal, polymer, ceramic, composites or hydrogels/bio inks as building material.
  • Freedom in design
  • Integration of functions
  • Lightweight construction
  • Reduced chip volume, tool wear and processing times compared to conventional manufacturing
  • Cost savings (for small batches)
  • Weight loss
  • Time savings (lead time reduction)
  • Highest component integration and performance
  • Individualization

  • Large building space
  • Easy material handling
  • Low efforts for post-processing