PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines


The PRACTICA series are heavily production shears with an oscillating knife beam. Their heavy construction guarantees a perfect cut both when cutting thin and thick sheet material.



·        The oscillating knife beamwith small, fixed cutting angle ensures a minimal deformation during cutting

·        The rotary movement fromthe knife beam creates a clearance between the knives resulting in an importantincrease in lifetime

·        The absence of linearguides from the knife beam ensures a virtually maintenance-free machine

·        The small cutting angleensures a fast and precise cutting process

·        Nitrogen cylinders enable arapid upward movement from the knife beam after cutting, increasingproductivity even further

·        Available with capacityfrom 4 to 30 mm sheet thickness, up to 6 meters of cutting length

The hydraulic PRACTICA shears with oscillating knife beamare sound, heavily built machines. Design and construction guarantee a reliablefunctioning, precise cutting and a long life span with little maintenance. Theoscillating knife beam and the resulting clearance extend the longevity of theknives. The extremely small cutting angle restricts the distortion duringcutting both thin and thick plate material up to absolute minimum. PRACTICAPlus shears are furthermore equipped as standard with a double-acting pneumaticor hydraulic sheet-holdup system

·        Double-acting pneumatic /hydraulic sheet support system

·        Energy-saving hybrid drive

·        Return-to-Sender automaticreturn from the cut sheet to the front side

·        Anti-Twist cutting forminimum-deform cutting, extremely useful when cutting thick sheets orhigh-tensile strength material

·        Small-parts container atthe front side of the shear

·        Cutting-line illuminationwith green laser

·        Movable control panel tillthe middle of the shear avoids the operator to keep going to the left side ofthe machine

·        Movable front support armson linear guide

·        Increased cutting speed,enables a 50 to 100% higher output

·        Automatic loading,infeed-systems, unloading, stacking,…

·        Design and constructionguarantee reliable functioning, precise cutting results and a long life spanwith little maintenance.

·        The oscillating knife beamand the resulting clearance extend the longevity of the knives.

·        The extremely small cuttingangle minimizes the distortion when cutting both thin and thick plate material.

·        Unique structure design forthe hold-down cylinders: a special built-in spring structure with high qualityinserts to avoid markings on sensitive materials that needs to be cut.

·        Available with D-Touch 15”Touch Screen controller.

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PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines Gallery

PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines  Image
PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines  Image
PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines  Image
PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines  Image
PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines  Image
PRACTICA hydraulic shears machines  Image