Plasma Cutting Machines


ALFATECH, one of the first manufcturers of Bursa as well as exporting metal cutting machinery to 35 countries
within 5 continents, completed a quarter centry history. ALFATECH, which is continuing to write new ones in addition to
its two and a half decades of success stories, is successfully setting forth its high quality today, which represents
the power of Turkey. ALFATECH is the source of pride both for Bursa and Turkey by means of its technological
manufacturing facilities, which have an overall of 5 thousand squaremeter closed area. ALFATECH, of which manufacturing
and administrative headquarters are located in Bursa, is continuing to format technology both within Turkey and
throughout the world by means of its experienced staff, who are improved via trainings. ALFATECH reached to its
current status with closely following the innovations and technology by means of its determination, shown since
the very first day of its establishment.
ALFATECH, which implemented serious amounts of investments to its R&D departments in order to submit better
products to its customers at all times, is also continuously improving its technological substructure by means of
developed metal cutting technologies and software. Machinery, developed via R&D projects supported by TÜBİTAK,
BEBKA, KOSGEB and TEİDEB, put manufacturing into more functional position. Thus, this makes ALFATECH to
be more preferrable. Leading features, which make ALFATECH the first choice for customers, are its fastidious
quality control processes, meticulous audit of every part used in manufacturing and employment of world brand
materials. Customer focused approach of ALFATECH, which acts meticulously on all processes from order acceptance
to product installation, is also composing our basic principle during interference and solution speeds, to which
very few manufcturers can reach, as well as after sales services.
ALFATECH, which works for years without compensating in order to obtain best and the highest level quality, shall
walk into the future with confident steps as a representative of innovation, modernity and reliability on 2014 and
afterwards, to which it entered with developing more.



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