The RodFINE finishing machine is an energy-efficient, high-accuracy busbar head finishing machine.

RodFINE Series


RodFINE – easy-operated busbar head finishing machine will increase your busbar part quality fast and with high accuracy. The machine combines high production rates without compromising part accuracy and overall quality
This eliminates the potential of coding error caused by manual programming. RodFINE E type can be programmed to make more complex components for special applications. Each machine of the RodFINE series features automatic part clamping, saving the operator’s time that can be used to prepare the next part to be processed
No special background in programming is needed. When operating RodFINE A type machine,the operator needs to provide busbar dimensions via the touchscreen panel and machine control will take care of the rest.
Width 15-260mm Thickness 3-20mm Machining time 67mm/s Spindle speed 0-18000rpm Milling motor power 4.5kW CNC controlled axis 2
• Easy to operate • Fast setup • Consistent part quality • Fast cycle time • Small footprint • Easy-to-replace milling bits for different materials • Easy access to the machine