RodFLAT busbar punching and cutting


Punching to the Next Level

RodFLAT introduces high production efficiency in busbar punching and cutting. This energy saving, high-accuracy machine features servo-electric punching technology and linear motor flat bar feeding. Its modular design concept provides a wide range of automation alternatives that meet the specific needs of busbar manufacturing today.



  • Energy efficient, savings up to 80 %
  • Fast set-up
  • Versatile capacity
  • Low maintenance

Large,versatile tooling capacity and fast set-up are further factors in making RodFLAT a highly competitive LEAN manufacturing solution for copper and aluminum busbar processing.

RodFLAT punching machines feature an easy-to-use touch screen operator interface and a tool magazine for 9 fully configurable stations, up to 24 tools. The machine’s loading device allows for more automation, meaning unmanned running possibility of batches of different materials.

Cutting-edge Service and Technology from setup to Maintenance. We are experts in speeding up your existing manufacturing processes and setting up new operations.


We have significant experience in manufacturing automation,flat bar processing and production planning. Our experts provide production analysis and training in metal processing and operations management. All geared towards making your manufacturing processes more efficient.


RodFLAT busbar punching and cutting Gallery

RodFLAT busbar punching and cutting Image
RodFLAT busbar punching and cutting Image