The Tosca optimization suite provides fast and powerfulstructural and flow optimization solutions based on FEA and CFD simulations.Tosca optimization suite consists of two products: Tosca Structure is foroptimized structural designs, and Tosca Fluid provides optimized fluid flowdesign concepts.

Tosca Structure delivers powerful optimization solutions fordesign of lightweight, stiff, and durable parts and assemblies within shorterdevelopment cycles to maximize performance, minimize material and weight, anddiscover new design possibilities. Tosca Structure offers functionalities fortopology, shape, bead and sizing optimization.

Tosca Fluid enables topology optimization-driven designconcepts for fluid flow systems and components. Use its capabilities to createinnovative design ideas automatically for a defined flow task and availablepackage space. Tosca Fluid’s unique technology helps you achieve the highestflow performance, quality and eco-efficiency.



What’s New for Tosca Structure 2019x and Tosca Fluid 2019

Tosca Structure

Tosca Structure.topology

      ·        Faster execution using shared memory parallelization (SMP) for topology optimization using shared memory parallelization. 

      ·        Enhanced topology optimization sensitivity filtering

      ·        Enhanced optimizer for sensitivity based optimizations

      ·        Improved controls for overhang constraints for additive manufacturing

Tosca Structure.Shape

      ·        Enabling sensitivity based shape optimization with Abaqus non-linear analysis

      ·        Enhanced manufacturing constraints for sensitivity based shape optimization supporting the following manufacturing constraints

      ·        For easy restrictions of plane surfaces adjacent to the design area with RESTRICT_ON_SURFACE 

      ·        Definition of a smooth transition zone into the design area with

      ·        Enhanced element correction for C3D10 elements

Tosca Structure.Bead

      ·        Enabling sensitivity based bead optimization with Abaqus non-linear analysis which replaces the“linearized” workflows

      ·        The Sensitivity based bead optimization now supports

Tosca support in ABAQUS/CAE 2019

      ·        Support Abaqus sensitivities for all Tosca workflows

      ·        Sizing

      ·        Shape 

      ·        Bead * (planned for FD release)

      ·        Overhang constraint topology optimization

Supported solver interfaces

      ·        Abaqus 2019 

      ·        ANSYS® v19.0

      ·        MSC Nastran® 2017

      ·        Supported life solver interfaces

Tosca Fluid

Tosca Fluid improved interfaces for:

      ·        STAR-CCM+® versions: 9.02 –13.02

      ·        Ansys Fluent® versions 15.0.0 - 19.0.0


Tosca Structure is the market leading technology for structural optimization based on industry standard FEA packages (Abaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastran) to create innovative and sustainable designs. From early conceptual design through to detailed design improvements Tosca Structure offers the full range of optimization solutions:

Optimization Modules

       ·        Tosca Structure.topology

       ·        Tosca Structure.sizing

       ·        Tosca Structure.shape

       ·        Tosca Structure.bead

Graphical User Interfaces

       ·        Optimization module inAbaqus/ CAE

       ·        Tosca ANSA™ environment(TAe)

       ·        Tosca Extension for ANSYS Workbench

       ·        ANSA

       ·        Tosca Structure.gui

Tosca Fluid features unique design and non-parametric fluidflow topology optimization technology for components and systems. Utilize fulldesign flexibility and create an innovative, optimized design concept fordefined design spaces and flow tasks. No initial design is necessary. Only onesolver run is needed using industry-standard CFD solvers.

Key Benefits

      ·        Economic use of existing ITinvestments

      ·        Automated designdevelopment leads to less physical testing and a reduction in the number ofprototypes

      ·        Shorter development cyclesby combining design and optimization of fluid flow tasks early in the designprocess

      ·        Advanced designs withhigher product performance and reduced energy consumption

      ·        Faster time-to-market forinnovative designs

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