SLM 125


Precise, economical and suitable for research and development as well as small lot production environments, the open software architecture and system parameters allow you to make modifications according to your specific manufacturing needs. The SLM®125 is equipped with software for importing CAD / STL data or slice data to configure the processes and component-specific parameters.



A build envelope of 125 x 125 x 125 mm or reduced one to 50 x 50 x 50 mm with a single 400W fiber laser.
Achieve greater system control by customizing your own construction processes through the unique, flexible and open software architecture.
The system processes most metal powders through a material saving, closed-loop powder handling unit. Changing the metal powder is quick, easy and designed to lower your production costs. Also, internal re-circulation of inert gas at laminar flow provides for safe and cost-efficient gas consumption.
Achieve the fastest build speeds in its class from the system’s patented bi-directional powder recoater movement.
Further available options also increase the versatility of the system and our Laser Power Monitoring and Melt Pool Monitoring quality assurance modules ensure process transparency.

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SLM 125 metal 3D printed parts
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3D Printed Spare Part by SLM Solutions
SLM 125 Metal 3D printed water connectors for AUDI W12 car engine