ULTIMA press-brake


ULTIMA: The modular, flexibly expandable press-brake machine fromthe top segment. The press-brake that can be designed and built entirelyaccording to the wishes and requirements of the customer.



·        Available with hydraulic crowning or mechanical crowning Wila style, both cnc-controlled as standard

·        5 cnc-controlled axes as standard : Y1 – Y2 – X – R – V

·        Double linear measuring scales ensure a precise positioning from both cylinders Y1 and Y2

·        Robust and durable construction with robot-welded and heat-annealed machine frame

·        2 or more machines can worksynchronously next to each other, allowing bending lengths of up to 20 metersor more

·        Big stroke anddaylight-opening

·        Custom made Heavy-dutymachines with capacities up to 2000 ton and more

·        Remote assistance

ULTIMA is a cnc-controlled synchronized press-brake equipped with a multi-axis CNC-controller with angle programming possibilities, a cnc-controlled hydraulic crowning system and a fast and accurate back gauge on ballscrews. ULTIMA overcame the disadvantages of a conventional press-brake in the searching for the correct depth-setting and crowning adjustments are entirely managed through the cnc-control. As thus you can obtain an accurate bending result in a very fast and easy way. As no more manual settings have to be done,the ULTIMA is the ideal machine for single-piece production and small batches.

·        ESA, DELEM or CYBELEC cnc-controller

·        Safety light curtain

·        Different backgauge systems

·        Different tool clamping systems

·        Smart Tool Locator ®

·        CNC-controlled bending aids

·        E-Drive energy-saving drivesystem

·        D-STM automatic sheet thicknessmeasurement system

·        D-ALPHA automaticangle-measurement system

·        D-CROWN dynamic crowning

·        D-MOVE extremely fast toolchange system with tool strorage

The ULTIMA Plus machine is furthermore equipped with a 2D graphical controller(Windows) and a 2-axis X/R back gauge. Searching for the right, optimized bending sequence, taking any possible collisions and tools being used into account, the (possible) lack of experience from the operator… all is manageable with ULTIMA!
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ULTIMA press-brake Gallery

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ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image
ULTIMA press-brake  Image